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Bonus Episode 08 - Metal Detector Gnosticism: the Dönmeh, the Frankists, and the Fraternitas Saturni feat. Khrist Koopa

from Programmed to Chill | Published 12/22/2021

Today's a weird one, and I'm joined by Khrist Koopa to discuss the Dönmeh, the Frankists, and the Fraternitas Saturni, or the Brotherhood of Saturn. First, we discussed Sabbatai Zevi and his movement, then the Dönmeh, which led us to Jacob Frank, the Frankist sect, and the French Revolution. That got us going on the Bavarian Illuminati, which we try to contextualize, and discuss how it relates to the Golden Dawn, the OTO, and especially the Brotherhood of Saturn, Germany's oldest, most secretive, and most Luciferian secret society. Along the way, we talk Wizard of Oz symbolism, Gnosticism proper, language itself, the Demiurge, egregores, Saturn as recurring symbol and as object of worship, butterflies-as-symbols, Rudolf Steiner, sex magic, PB Randolph, hip hop, and much more. It's nuts, but in a good way.  @khristkoopa on Twitter and Instagram @theswimpool on Instagram songs: Savage Planet - Caz Greez (prod. Khrist Koopa) Moonchild - Khrist Koopa Wizard of Oz - Logic Dissolved - Khrist Koopa Sacred Letters - Khrist  No Talking (Distant Intro) - Khrist Koopa

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