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Bonus Episode 07 - the Korean War, Biological Warfare, COMINT, and MKULTRA, feat. Jeff Kaye

from Programmed to Chill | Published 12/10/2021

Today I'm joined by the journalist Jeff Kaye to talk about his work on the Korean War. He has illustrated how the US used biological warfare attacks against the North Korean and Chinese troops and civilian populations. We discuss the USAF and Marine Corps pilots who confessed to using biological weapons, and how the US government's story was that they were tortured and/or brainwashed into confessing. However, communications and signals intelligence document that there were biological attacks occurring, which is consistent with both the confessions, international commissions' findings, and other US documents that came out later.

When the US POWs returned to the US, they were subject to interrogation under Project ARTICHOKE, a predecessor program to MKULTRA. It is not certain that this caused the flyers' recanted confessions, though it is fair to speculate that this could have been a factor. Mr. Kaye also documented how many of the same people who were involved with the biological warfare program were, in fact, the same people who were involved with the MKULTRA programs.

Mr. Kaye's work directly addresses several key controversies of the Cold War and is crucial for understanding the Korean War, biological weapons programs in later years, international relations with the Koreas and China, and the MKULTRA programs. 



"From Mother's Arms to Korea" by the Louvin Brothers

"Get That Communist, Joe" by the Kavaliers

"MK Ultra Blues" by William Elliott Whitmore

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