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Bonus Episode 06 - the Politics of the Politics of Pedophilia, feat. Philip Fairbanks

from Programmed to Chill | Published 12/3/2021

Today I interview Philip Fairbanks, journalist and author of "Pedogate Primer: the Politics of Pedophilia" about his book and the topics therein. We have a freewheeling episode where we discuss JM Barrie and Peter Pan, Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland, Oscar Wilde and the Cleveland Street Scandal, the Iowa Monster experiments, MKULTRA, NXIVM, the F*nders, the Children of God cult, #MeToo, D*sney and N*ckelodeon, Adam Parfrey, and a number of other topics I'm sure I left out. It's a great episode, folks, and we tried to stay non-explicit and positive, or as positive as is possible given the topic.

cw: pedophilia, obviously

Philip Fairbanks:

@kafkaguy on Twitter


"Psycho" by Eddie Noack

"The Ballad of Charles Whitman" by Kinky Friedman

[note: I didn't want to pick "pedophile" songs or episode art, so I picked vaguely MK-related songs, though I suppose Psycho touches on it. I'm not implying anything negative about either artist]

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