40 - Imperial Japan pt. 10 / Spyclopedia #3 - the Many Identities of Nisshō Inoue, pt. 4, or, the Jailbird / Imperial Advisor / Kuromaku / Sukebe

Today we wrap up the story of Nisshō Inoue, picking up with his time in prison, where he received uniquely lax/privileged treatment. Interestingly, Inoue was placed in charge of Tenko at Kosuge prison, and met several notable inmates. Then, like with Alfried Krupp, we trace Inoue's first day out of prison; I argue that a person's first day out of prison says quite a lot about that person. Then we cover Inoue's new role/identity as advisor to Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe. After the war, Inoue was interrogated by SCAP upwards of 28 times, and met some very interesting SCAP figures. I sidetrack myself talking about the journalist Mark Gayn, who had some interesting interactions with Inoue. Then I cover the end of Inoue's life as a political fixer and old man perv. Finally, I reveal the hidden, occulted truth about prewar ultranationalist terrorism, including but not limited to Nisshō Inoue. Songs: Come Spy with Me by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles Battotai, the Imperial Japanese Army March

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