33 - Freemasonry and the Downardian Labyrinth

Today's a little something special for the fans - an episode on freemasonry to celebrate the 33rd free episode of the show. This one might be a little controversial for those on the weirder freak frequencies. I go over the basic premise and points of King Kill 33, and then get into James Shelby Downard's life via his autobiography. Then I try to nail that down with external sources and research, and get into where this all came from, namely Michael Hoffman, William Grimstad and Adam Parfrey. To wrap it up, I discuss synchromysticism as such. Songs: King Kill 33 - Marilyn Manson Old Devils - William Elliott Whitmore Unmitigated Gall - Faron Young  Get Behind Me, Satan - the Alex Jones Prison Planet Free Mason - Rick Ross

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