30 - Imperial Japan pt. 1 - Korea and the Dark Ocean Society

Today's the first episode in season 2 of Programmed to Chill, and it's all about Japan. We talk about the Dark Ocean Society and Japan's imperial ambitions in Korea and elsewhere. I also discuss the parallels between far-right terrorism in Germany, and then discuss the assassination of Korean Empress Myung-Sung, the fallout from it, and Japan's eventual annexation of Korea. I try to go into the economic drivers of the annexation and try to cover some of the crimes Japan inflicted. This included but was not limited to looting, ethnic cleansing, burning Korean historical documents, and so on. Then we discuss Korean resistance to the occupation, all of which should set us up for the upcoming episodes. Photo: "A Japanese officer is seen taunting a senior Korean" Song: "We Will Safeguard the Leadership of the Revolution with Desperate Courage!" by the Korean People's Army State Merited Chorus and Symphony Orchestra

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