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24 - Krupp Steel pt. 7, Gustav and Alfried Krupp, or, Vultures Circling Their Carrion

from Programmed to Chill | Published 10/24/2021

Today we talk about the Krupp Steel empire during WWII, with both Gustav and his son Alfried Krupp. To start, we talk about Hjalmar Schacht's financial trickery to keep rearmament off Germany's books after the Nazis took power. Then we talk about Alfried Krupp, his interests and career up to that point, and how deranged his family was. We talk about Krupp's weapons during the Spanish Civil War, the case of Robert Rothschild, Gustav Krupp's senility, and the story of Artur Rümann, an art dealer who witnessed Alfried Krupp salivating and drooling over maps of soon-to-be expropriated factories across Europe. Then we introduce the topic of slave labor under Nazi Germany, including the theft of the Ukraine, culminating with the Battle of Kursk.

w/ Katyusha by the Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army

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