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23 - Krupp Steel pt. 6, Gustav Krupp, or, “Who are all these people?”

from Programmed to Chill | Published 10/24/2021

Today's all about Gustav Krupp - his dementia, his views on German nationalism and Hitler, and especially the secret rearmament program after WWI. We're talking about tricking journalists, and how blindingly obvious it should have been to know they were rearming if you could, idk, read a balance sheet. Then we talk about exactly how Krupp Steel hid their weapons manufacturing and designers, like, black production, and how it intersected with Gustav's politics. Then, I discuss an important meeting of German industrialists with Hitler where some very curious things get brought up, then we talk about the terror elections, the immediate steps the Nazis actually took, and when Hitler declared Gustav Krupp to be the Führer of the Economy, and how Hitler was actually at Villa Hügel when he launched the Night of the Long Knives. w/ Krupp und Krause theme song

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