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22 - Krupp Steel pt. 5, Gustav Krupp, or, the Kaiser’s Shriveled Arm

from Programmed to Chill | Published 10/9/2021

Today we're talking about WWI, including Big Bertha, the giant artillery gun, and German U-boats, both of which were developed by Krupp Steel. Then we discuss war profiteering, specifically the fact that, due to patents, the British firm Vickers technically owed about 60 marks for every dead German soldier. Then we discuss the Kaiser visiting the Krupp steelworks, a very interesting moment in history. After that, we discuss the German revolutions and political assassinations again, especially the communist takeover of the Krupp works, and the German army's massacre of these workers. Then, the French invaded, and Krupp committed more crimes, and we discuss how Krupp stayed afloat during this period. Hint: it's through outright subsidies from the government and financial crimes. w/ Krupp und Krause theme song

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