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21 - Krupp Steel pt. 4, Bertha and Gustav Krupp, or, “Politics is Forbidden Here”

from Programmed to Chill | Published 10/2/2021

Today Marga Krupp takes the helm of the Krupp firm, at least for a while, and the German state finds Bertha Krupp a reliable husband. The reliable man is Gustav Krupp, an interesting little homunculus. Then we discuss the extent of the Krupp empire at this point, and talk about their shitty renaissance fair antics, and then the run-up to WWI. Finally, we talk about the Brandt Trial, which ought to be called the Krupp trial, the SPD's role in the affair, and why Krupp was allowed to walk out unscathed. w/ Krupp und Krause theme song

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