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20 - Krupp Steel pt. 3, Fritz Krupp or, the Jeffrey Epstein of the Second Reich

from Programmed to Chill | Published 9/25/2021

Today's all about Fritz Krupp, though we spend some time talking about Alfred, his crumbling marriage, Fritz' insane wedding, Fritz' place in the Krupp concern as chief of intelligence, comparing and contrasting Alfred's and Fritz' different approaches to management, new developments in steel and weapons production, and then a very, very interesting topic: older generations of international arms dealers. Specifically the British and Vickers man, Sir Basil Zaharoff vs. the German and Krupp man, Friedrich Wilhelm von Bülow (yes, that Bülow family), covering a detour through their accomplishments and battles with each other. They Fritz Krupp gets canceled for holding banquets with minstrel shows, and then we talk about how he's the the Jeffrey Epstein of the Second Reich. Trust me, this one's worth listening to. w/ Krupp und Krause theme song

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