My Beginner's Guide To The Exposure Triangle

The exposure triangle. Sounds complicated. Is it? Do I really need to know this?Yes, you do need to know what the exposure triangle is and how to use it if you want to progress with your photography.  But don’t worry, I can help you. In this podcast episode, I tell you everything that you need to know about the exposure triangle. And just the stuff to help you with your photography.This is the answery bit.The exposure triangle is the combination of three camera settings, aperture, shutter speed and ISO, used to get a correct exposure when taking a photo. The exposure triangle allows photographers to use a specific aperture or shutter speed for a photo and still get the correct exposure. The exposure triangle helps photographers get the correct exposure in challenging lighting conditions.In this episode, I tell you·         What the exposure triangle is·         Remind you what the three parts of the exposure triangle are·         Why this is important·         How you can use the exposure triangle to help you to take better photos·         What you need to know if you take photos with your phone·         What you need to know if you take film photos·         And finally, what I do. Support the showGet your question answeredThis is what my podcast is all about, answering your photography questions - just click here. Not only will I answer your question, but I will also give you a lovely, big shout out, which is nice.Find out more about the podcast on the Photography Explained Podcast websiteAnd find out all about me on my photography websiteThanks very much for listeningCheers from me Rick

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