PETPIX ACADEMY with Vasilena Siedman

Time to say Goodbye 2021 and Hello 2022

from PETPIX ACADEMY with Vasilena Siedman | Published 12/30/2021

In this episode, I am so excited to welcome back Cathy, Delilah‘s mommy. It seems like only yesterday we were ringing in 2021. With 2022 just around the corner I am grateful for what we have accomplished at PetPix Academy during the past 12 months. Goodbye 2021 and Hello 2022!  Connect with Cathy and Delilah:Insta: @delilah_diary Get 40% OFF of ALL courses use coupon: SANTA40😊Holidays are coming - Get PetPix academy Holiday class.  New podcast episodes: Tuesdays and Thursdays  ⭐️GET OUR FREE PET PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE:www.petpixacademy.comLearn How To Take Photos In One Click Of Your Phone

Om Podcasten

We will be inviting pet influencer parents who are going to be sharing their steps to success and the challenges they faced along the way. You are going to meet top pet accessory/clothing designers, marketing/branding experts and so much more. Vasi will be sharing valuable tips on how to turn your 4 legged friend into a pet star with breathtaking photos and social media strategies.