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from PETPIX ACADEMY with Vasilena Siedman | Published 1/18/2022

I am so excited to welcome back my dear friends Erin and Kelly. They are a part of a unique and fun community with a lot of joy, reasons to smile, and virtual weddings of happy kitties and geckos. Erin and Kelly share many interesting facts and creative ideas with us. Learn more about how everything started.... get ready... Check Episodes 160 and 99 and learn more! Crown by Gina from For for Royalty Crowns Connect with Erin:IG: @prometheus_the_catFB group: Promo’s Pride for animal lovers Pride Connect with Kelly: KP Nelles - Paw Match - _______________________________________________________________________ ⭐️GET OUR FREE PET PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE: 👉👉👉⭐️⭐️Suscribe and Download this podcast episode⭐️⭐️ Apple Podcast: 🎙 SAVE THE DAY - January 27th VIRTUAL GET TOGETHER INN ZOOM starting at 5:30pm MORE INFORMATION COMING UP.

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We will be inviting pet influencer parents who are going to be sharing their steps to success and the challenges they faced along the way. You are going to meet top pet accessory/clothing designers, marketing/branding experts and so much more. Vasi will be sharing valuable tips on how to turn your 4 legged friend into a pet star with breathtaking photos and social media strategies.