PETPIX ACADEMY with Vasilena Siedman

In 2022 Petpix Academy will bring the Pet World to YOU

from PETPIX ACADEMY with Vasilena Siedman | Published 1/11/2022

I want to thank each of you for being a part of Petpix Academy and making it a wonderful community. We have so much fun meeting podcast speakers, pet fashion designers, and pet experts. I am so excited for 2022. It will be the beginning of new adventures... new breathtaking pet stories and virtually traveling the world. Get ready to see the Pet World, through the eyes of 4 legged kids. 👉👉👉⭐️⭐️Download all the episodes from our special day⭐️⭐️ Apple Podcast: 🎙 ⭐️GET OUR FREE PET PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE:

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We will be inviting pet influencer parents who are going to be sharing their steps to success and the challenges they faced along the way. You are going to meet top pet accessory/clothing designers, marketing/branding experts and so much more. Vasi will be sharing valuable tips on how to turn your 4 legged friend into a pet star with breathtaking photos and social media strategies.