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Dogue magazine by Cover Dogs in 2022

from PETPIX ACADEMY with Vasilena Siedman | Published 1/11/2022

I am so excited to welcome back Oli, who is the Founder and the Creative Director of Cover Dogs. She is a writer, photographer and a graphic artist from Los Angeles, CA.Cover Dogs: Cover Dogs is a media and publishing company specializing in dogs, based in Los Angeles, CA. Their first publication, DOGUE, inspired by Vogue was launched on Nov 11 of 2019 and was the very first DOGUE magazine on Instagram. They are also the ones who have coined the term "Cover Dog" which has gone viral! Today, Cover Dogs consists of 4 magazines, DOGUE (@coverdogs) Barker's Bazbark (@Bazbarkus) Spawrts Illustrated (@spawrtsillustrated) and National Pawgraphic @nationalpawgraphic, covering lifestyle, fashion, sports and travel, of the dog world. Cover Dogs is based on the idea that every dog is a star, and deserves to be on the cover of a magazine. They are proud to feature dogs from all over the world, and share every day stories of our beloved fur babies. They offer custom magazine edits, in both digital and print, and also custom designed dog-sized DOGUE magazines with your own cover! In Sept of 2021 they have also launched their official Monthly publication, the DOGUE Magazine, (human size magazine) which is available in both digital and print. It is also sold on newsstands in Beverly Hills. Make sure you check their January magazine. They are about to launch their new website. Petpix Academy is so excited for them:) To learn more visit their page @coverdogs. Email: mailto:[email protected] 👉👉👉⭐️⭐️Download all the episodes from our special day⭐️⭐️ Apple Podcast: 🎙 ⭐️GET OUR FREE PET PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE:

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We will be inviting pet influencer parents who are going to be sharing their steps to success and the challenges they faced along the way. You are going to meet top pet accessory/clothing designers, marketing/branding experts and so much more. Vasi will be sharing valuable tips on how to turn your 4 legged friend into a pet star with breathtaking photos and social media strategies.