Ep. 423: Oh What a Digital Mess – and more

Episode 423 of the Lens Shark Photography Podcast In This Episode If you subscribe to the Lens Shark Photography Podcast, please take a moment to rate and review us to help make it easier for others to discover the show. Sponsors: - Build Your Legacy with Fujifilm - Shop with the legends at RobertsCamera.com, and unload your gear with UsedPhotoPro.com - Get 20% OFF select Nanlite PavoTube II X lights at NanliteUS.com - Get 20% OFF at KupoGrip.com - More mostly 20% OFF codes at LensShark.com/deals. Stories: My digital life is a mess, and this software might help with that….maybe (#) Ricoh Pentax on their DSLRs and upcoming film camera. (#) TTArtisan’s 10mm f/2 ASPH. (#) New CFexpress Type A cards emerge. (#) Synology wants you to do this. (#) Inside Imaging closes after 15 years. (#) Photomator adds this handy, but possibly useless feature. (#)   Connect With Us Thank you for listening to the Lens Shark Photography Podcast! Connect with me, Sharky James on Twitter, Instagram Vero, and Facebook (all @LensShark).

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