Jennifer Sicilia | Let's Talk About Smart Tech

Nicola Denning-Millar connects with Jennifer Sicilia.Building on over 25 years of experience, Jennifer is a visionary leader, who champions inclusivity and outside-the box thinking,  which have proven instrumental in making RYCOM a leader in the smart tech space.  Jennifer is a highly valued strategist who creates viable business solutions to complex problems.  By promoting a culture that emphasizes collaboration, trust and honesty, Jennifer lays the groundwork for a strong culture and superior business results.  As a senior executive, Jennifer is actively involved in all stages of the process, ranging from initial strategy to ongoing optimization to ensuring processes and systems are aligned to drive ROI to clients, enabling them to reach their short and long-term goals. In this episode, we discuss;Braving a career switch into the prop tech industryRYCOM – Who, Where, What, and Why? The evolution of servicesMotivations of Real Estate Owners to embrace smart technology adoptionDeploying smart strategic and tactical plansDon’t be scared of data!... The opportunities and the challenges Outside of the box solutionsThe myth of job losses as innovation and automation increasesMaking difficult decisions in uncertain timesChallenging yourself to become the best version of yourselfHow do you bring people, processes and technology together?Major advances that we will see in the next 10 plus yearsAdvice for those wanting a career in the Prop Tech industry

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