Episode 2: In harm’s way

Undiagnosed, legally detained and separated from her daughter for more than a year, Alexis is moved to an all-male psychiatric ward on Christmas Eve, 2013. What happens next will, ultimately, bring her to the attention of the most powerful institutions in the state. This series discusses rape and sexual assault.

Om Podcasten

"Staggering and bold" The GuardianA daring escape from NHS psychiatric care pits inpatient, Alexis Quinn, against some of the most powerful institutions in the State. Young mother and former GB youth swimmer, Alexis, agrees to enter NHS England psychiatric care following a family tragedy. She could never imagine that her three-day admission will turn into a three-year ordeal. Then undiagnosed with autism, and often the subject of 24-hour surveillance as well as long periods in solitary confinement, Alexis descends to the darkest reaches of locked-in, psychiatric care. There, she encounters the kind of threat she never could have imagined in a secure mental health hospital. In a bid to break free, Alexis plots a daring escape. Making it back to her daughter, however, will pit her against some of the most powerful institutions in the State, including the police. Narrated by Nicholas Pinnock (Top Boy, Django, For Life).