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How the Rise of Trends is Reshaping the Culture of Music Worldwide with Grego O'Halloran

from On Top of The Covers | Published 4/1/2021

Wanna know how the rising trends and the youth are reshaping the culture of music worldwide? In this episode, Matt Gottesman sits down with Grego O’Hallaron (Entrepreneur, Director of Unum Festival & Promoter) and they go all-in on the information age versus the industrial age, being involved in multiple things allows you to do your passions, how we’re moving away from labels and titles, the Internet is forcing people to adapt or be left behind, how events will be in the future, intimate gatherings over massively populated shows and events, where the youth are spending their time and energy, the experimentation and merging of multiple music genres, how new talent is delivering their art in this new digital world, dance music culture and where it’s headed and much more…   01:20 The conversations we are opening up on On Top of The Covers. 02:40 Ibiza Guru, Event Manager & Promoter, and Entrepreneur. 04:40 the pandemic has challenged us to pivot in life and business. 06:00  If all of the music in the world was gonna be wiped out, what 3 albums would you save? 07:30 If you could interact with an influential person, living or nonliving, who would it be? 10:00 What can we all learn from sports, taking your shot, and being willing to fail? 12:15 In your opinion, what is the best music film of all time? 13:30 What is a book, audible, or podcast that has influenced your creativity? 15:20 What has your journey in business and life looked like? 17:40 How did you get started in promoting parties and events? 20:00 How has the lifestyle in Ibiza influenced your career and family life? 25:20 How do you feel the younger generation is changing business? 29:00 Ways activism is growing and making 32:15 How important and relevant are genres in today's dance music? 38:40 Notes we can take from how Madonna has evolved throughout her career. 41:00 The power of leveraging your strengths. 42:40 What are you retiring for? 46:40 How are you navigating the rapid changes in the industry this past year? 49:30 What are you doing to make events safer as COVID restrictions ease? 52:00 How do you feel events will look as things go back to “normal”? 57:00 What is the pull to Ibiza? Why is it worth the high prices? 01:00:00 What are you currently working on?   Check out these books mentioned in today’s episode:   7 Habits of Highly Effective People By Stephen Covey   The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck By Mark Manson FEATURED GUEST: Grego O’Hallaron Instagram:    OUR HOST: Matt Gottesman Instagram:   FOLLOW US: YouTube |  Facebook |  Instagram | Website |

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