The Gift and Curse of Entrepreneurship: Continuity of Creative Flow

The Gift and Curse of Entrepreneurship: Continuity of Creative Flow As an entrepreneur ideas seem to come to you naturally. You want to do all the things, you do them, and then you overwhelm your calendar with endless tasks and to-do list. This is the gift and curse of entrepreneurship. We love to create businesses, come up with innovative ideas, and then we execute. But then you realize, you're doing way too much at the same time that you don't have time for your family, travel, leisure, and your family. However, you also feel strange when you stop doing all the things. You feel unproductive, bored and unfulfilled. It seems that resting or doing less is somatically unwelcome in your bod.In this podcast I want to offer another way to think about "doing less" or "resting more." What I'm propose is to do more of the creative things in your business that lifts you and give you meaning. You don't have to rest (rest in the sense of stopping something). I propose that when you are doing the things you love, you actually get more motivate, passionate, calm, and fulfilled. If you want to see video of this episode please like , subscribe and join us here:YouTube NYTP Podcast:

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