Episode 17 Julie Herres "Profit First"

Episode 17 Julie Herres "Profit First"In this episode of Not Your Typical Psychotherapist podcast, Ernesto delves into the world of financial well-being for therapists with special guest Julie Herres, author of the groundbreaking book "Profit First for Therapists."Ernesto and Julie explore the often neglected aspect of financial management in the therapy profession, discussing the challenges therapists face in maintaining a healthy financial foundation. They delve into the concepts outlined in Julie's book, which offers a fresh perspective on financial management tailored specifically for therapists.Throughout their conversation, Ernesto and Julie shed light on the unique financial hurdles faced by therapists, including the challenges of managing unpredictable income, dealing with employee's struggles to bill, and just navigating the intricacies of private practice. They also discuss the emotional aspects surrounding money and how therapists can address their own money mindset to achieve financial success.Drawing from Julie's expertise as a certified Profit First professional, they delve into practical strategies and actionable steps therapists can take to implement the Profit First method in their own practices and personal lives. They explore how this approach can transform therapists' financial well-being by allocating profit first, creating a sustainable cash flow system, and fostering a healthy relationship with money.Tune in to this episode of "Not Your Typical Psychotherapist" to gain valuable insights and practical tips from Julie Herres as she shares her expertise on reclaiming financial wellness for therapists. Whether you're a seasoned therapist or just starting out, this conversation will empower you to take charge of your financial future and build a thriving practice that supports both your professional and personal goals of being Not Your Typical Psychotherapist. Julie's WebsiteProfit First for Therapists WebsiteIf you want to see video of this episode please like, subscribe and join us here:YouTube NYTP Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/@nytppodcast

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