Episode 12 Difficulties of Care-giving and Business Running

12 Episode 12 Difficulties of Care-giving and Business Running In this vulnerable episode we'll be exploring the difficulties of both running businesses and well as taking care of loved ones. Come enter into the conversation of what's purposeful and valuable in the grand scheme of things. The question of what's really important in all of it.Hope that you enjoy this insightful and very vulnerable episode of Not Your Typical Psychotherapy Podcast.If you want to see video of this episode please like, subscribe and join us here:YouTube NYTP Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/@nytppodcast

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The Not Your Typical Psychotherapist Podcast is dedicated to all the mental health professionals who are creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial. This podcast aims to uplift, encourage, and inspire mental health clinicians to go beyond what was taught to them in graduate school, expand their knowledge in applying creative clinical work, develop and enhance their entrepreneurial courage, shattering common and generational expectations. YouTube NYTP Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/@nytppodcast