Episode 11 Compassionate Approach To Imposter Syndrome

Episode 11 Compassionate Approach To Imposter Syndrome Imposter syndrome is real a phenomenon among gifted and forward thinking entrepreneurs, artist, and intellects. It always seems to creep up when one is on the verge of doing something risky and big in one's business venture. I found that ignoring or silencing the voice of the "imposter within," will make it louder and more intense. Just like a restless and ignored child, the tantrum persists and become more dramatic. In this podcast, I discuss ways to deal with the imposter syndrome in a more compassionate and creative way. The goal of this method is to give the "imposter within" a voice and space to teach us something about ourselves. I believe that we can learn a lot about ourselves when we pay more attention to our fears, concerns, and insecurities. Our experience is a wealth of information on the path to growth. If you want to see video of this episode please like, subscribe and join us here:YouTube NYTP Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/@nytppodcast

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