Sarah Yardley #Relational-reach-and-relational-glue

This month’s guest is Dr Sarah Yardley. Sarah is a clinical academic, combining clinical practice as a Consultant in Palliative Medicine with a Honorary clinical senior lecturer position at UCL, where she holds a THIS Institute post-doctoral fellowship. As a clinical academic, she’s interested in how people (patients, families, carers, and healthcare professionals) make sense of their experiences and how the meanings they create inform further actions, leading to a variety of consequences. In this podcast we explore the importance of relationships in creating public services that work. Sarah introduces the concepts of 'relational reach' and 'relational glue' and we explore the challenging, real world situations that people find themselves in as they strive to do the right thing. Connect with Sarah via: Twitter (@lavendercrew) Email ([email protected]) Find out more about Sarah via: THIS Institute Activity Theory Analysis of Palliative Medications Prime Centre Wales The Curiosity Habit If you are reading this before 12:30pm on Friday 11th February 2022 then come and join Sarah for her EXPLORING ALOUD workshop. It's free to join and a perfect opportunity to explore the ideas shared in this podcast live with Sarah and others. EXPLORING ALOUD: 'Relational Reach and Relational Glue' with Sarah Yardley NB In this podcast Sarah references the 'fictional contract'; Dieckmann P, Gaba D, Rall M. Deepening the theoretical foundations of patient simulation as social practice. Simul Healthc 2007;2:183–93.

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