Alex Papworth #How-Nature-Can-Help-Us-Organise-Together-In-Harmony

As a one-time business analyst in one of the world's largest institutions (Lloyds Banking Group), Alex Papworth knows how big business works. He's seen it from the inside. He's also seen where it doesn't always work so well; for the people in it, those affected by it and for the world around it. Sitting at the centre of a £3bn transformation has given him a unique perspective. Understanding the importance of approaching change by looking at the world and his work in changing hearts and minds as a complex system left him with the question: "What is the simplest, quickest and most intuitive way to help people understand the world, their work and themselves as a complex system?" This question has led Alex to consider the interplay between the world of work and the world of nature; drawing him towards the (perhaps radical) conclusion that nature provides the ideal organising principles and the operating model for better ways to work... and that these are more-or-less opposite to the ones that govern most of our normal practice. Spending time in nature and including it in our 'practice' also helps us tap into our intuition, which is a much quicker and simpler way to increase awareness of ourselves and the systems we live in so that we can find a way forward. He recognizes the paradox that whilst we accept that we are part of nature we often act as if we are not. In this podcast I invite Alex to unpack the ways in which 'nature can be the best teacher' and to share what he is doing to explore this in his life and in his work as a coach and mentor to numerous businesses, social action groups, community groups and beyond. You can find out more about Alex: - via his Linked-In profile. - by reading his blogs on - by contacting him at [email protected]

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