COLONIC IRRIGATION: "Have I got a normal one?"

Needless to say... Listeners of a sensitive disposition should probably take this one gently (which is also what they told Joel...) Who thought that we'd arrive at colonic irrigation by episode 5?? Well, it happened! Find out all the gory details, what it was like and how he felt at the end. Plus, an argument in Ikea and some questionable bedside manner. If you'd like to suggest an activity, you can! Email: [email protected] Instagram: @NeverEverPod You can even take the conversation to the OFFICIAL Never Have I Ever subreddit.... Thanks for listening. Please subscribe and leave a five star review!

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Never Have I Ever is a brand new podcast from Joel Dommett and Hannah Cooper that sees the married couple act on unusual suggestions from listeners and each other, to experience something they’ve never done before. Be it smashing out their feelings in a rage room, taking (or posing for) a life-drawing class or staying in a haunted house for the night, Joel and Hannah are broadening their horizons and recording it for your entertainment. Listen now and subscribe. Get in touch with Joel & Hannah: Insta: @nevereverpod Email: [email protected]