साया [Saya] || सुबिन भट्टराई || NARRATED BY ACHYUT GHIMIRE

समर लभमा केही कुरा थिए जो साँच्चै अधुरा थिए । अतीतको कोणबाट मात्र एकोहोरो लेखिएकाले केही कौतुहल र जिज्ञास बाँकी थिए । केही प्रश्न पनि थिए, जसले उत्तर माग्थे । र, उत्तरले सिक्वेल । समर लभमा मुकझैं रहेकी सायाले यस उपन्यासमा आफ्नो कथा भन्छिन्, आफ्नै शब्दमा । उनको कथाले झन् धेरै प्रश्न उब्जाउँछन्, जसको उत्तर दिन उपन्यासको कठघरामा अतीत र सुस्मिता उपस्थित हुन्छन् । र, पटाक्षेप हुन्छ प्रेमका विविध रङ्गहरू । मनोविज्ञान, व्यङ्ग्य र भावुकता भरिएको यो उपन्यासभित्र प्रेम गर्ने हरेकले आफैंलाई पाउनेछन् । Saaya is a 2014 Nepali novel by Subin Bhattarai. It published by Fine Print in 2014 as sequel to Summer love. Bhattarai's third book and second novel, the plot concerns how the misunderstanding in Summer love cleared and how they convince their family. It was a best selling book in Nepal and it was reprinted in the same month August, and was one of the best-selling books in the country for the year. The book was launched by actresses Garima Panta and Keki Adhikari, and author Bhattarai himself at Nepal Academy, Kamaladi. It is the sequel of summer love. It is based on point of view of narrator, Atit, Saya and Susmita. According to the story, narrator takes the responsibility to mend the things between Atit and Saya. The novel starts with the narrator coming in contact with Saya to know her story. Saya says about her opinions and why she dissolved the relationship with Atit. She also says about physical relationship between Susmita and Atit. The narrator tries to know the fact from Susmita. Susmita also accepts what happened and also shows that there was Saya's fault in Atit's poor mental health. Narrator with the help of Sushmita finally convinces Saya that she should continue her relationship with Atit. Saya also goes to live with Atit. After sometime, they both come to Nepal and have short talks with narrator.. Atit visits his hometown, Dhangadhi and also calls Saya there. Atit's mother gives a Tilhari to Saya as token of love. They have fun but soon Saya has to go to Kathmandu for the engagement with Sujan, an NRN. Saya succeeds in breaking engagement but her parents are angry with her. Saya and Atit go for trip too. Later, they return to Norway. Saya's parents also come to visit Saya in Norway. During their visit, they find out that Saya is married after seeing Tilhari. Angry and furious, Saya's parents leave for Nepal. Saya's health also deteriorates after the incident. Atit looks after Saya. Saya wills to go to her father but Atil tries to stop her and not come in her father's sweet words. Saya goes to Nepal whereas Atit's condition degrades. He does not eat food and is always thinking about Saya. Soon, Saya calls Atit to Nepal. Atit finds Saya's father ill. Saya's father talks with him and says that they can live together in Norway and he didn't wanted inter caste marriage of Saya only due to pressure of society. Saya and Atit are united and this was all about their love story full of obstacles which they overcame successfully. The novel ends with Saya asking narrator that he must tell about his love story the next time they meet.

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