Love Bombed by the Tinder Swindler w/ Ayleen Charlotte

Ayleen Charlotte was looking for love in all the usual places: online. Tinder to be exact. When she started her relationship with con man, Simon Leviev, it was just like a fairytale, filled with love, gifts, and a very handsome boyfriend who doted on her. Everything took a turn when she found Simon on her Instagram feed labeled as the Tinder Swindler. The man she thought she knew and loved, has reportedly swindled about $10 million from victims across Europe. In this episode we learn about love bombing, manipulation and empathy; and what Ayleen did to get back at the man that stole so much from her.  Host Information:  Instagram: Dr Ramani's IG - @doctorramani Facebook: Dr Ramani's FB - @doctorramani Twitter: Dr Ramani's TW - @DoctorRamani  YouTube: Dr. Ramani’s YT - DoctorRamani Guest Information:  Instagram: Ayleen’s IG - @ayleencharlott Stronger Together Bracelets  #NavigatingNarcissism I want to hear from you, too.  Have a toxic topic you want me to explore? Email me at [email protected]   I just might answer you questions on air.  This podcast should not be used as a substitute for medical or mental health advice. Individuals are advised to seek independent medical advice, counseling, and/or therapy from a health care professional with respect to any medical condition, mental health issue, or health inquiry, including matters discussed on this podcast.See for privacy information.

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