America, America IS a Racist Country

Welcome home, y’all!  We're back with another episode of Native Land Pod, co-hosted by Tiffany Cross, Angela Rye and Andrew Gillum.  We appreciate each of you for making us the #1 podcast on Apple Podcasts for last week's debut!  This week's episode features a conversation about the results from Iowa, where things are headed with the GOP field, and a reaction to some of Nikki Haley's recent comments and strategies, before transitioning to the significance of outreach to Black voters by Democrats. The trio also discuss the new black head coach in the NFL— shoutout Jerod Mayo of the New England Patriots! Make sure you do not miss Tiffany's Testimony as she finally addresses the burning question: what happened to her show at MSNBC? We want to hear from you! Send us a video @nativelandpod and we may feature you on the podcast.  Instagram  X/Twitter Facebook Watch full episodes of Native Land Pod here on Youtube. Thank you to the Native Land Pod team:  Angela Rye as host, executive producer and cofounder of Reasoned Choice Media; Tiffany Cross as host and producer, Andrew Gillum as host and producer, and Gabrielle Collins as executive producer; Loren Mychael and Jabari Davis are our research producers, and Nikolas Harter is our editor and producer. A special thanks as well to Chris Morrow and Lenard McKelvey, co-founders of Reasoned Choice Media.    Welcome home! See for privacy information.

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In the spirit of the last stanza of the Black National Anthem, we rise from the past, rooted deeply in the soil of ancestral struggles, to build a home, to claim our space. On Native Land Pod, Angela Rye, Tiffany Cross, and Andrew Gillum guide us through the political landscape, wielding insights and unapologetic analysis, unraveling the threads that connect Black Americans and marginalized communities to a place they courageously call home. In each episode, Angela, Tiffany and Andrew embark on a journey of reflection, taking stock of the news of the week and the country's road to the polls. Join us each week as we navigate the dance between past and present, weaving a narrative of hope, empowerment, and the unyielding strength that defines the journey to reclaim 'Native Land.' This isn't just news analysis; it's a movement, a conversation, and a testament to the power of those who dare to rebuild and redefine the meaning of home.  Talk to us: Tiffany Cross @tiffanydcross  Angela Rye @angelarye Andrew Gillum @andrewgillum