Born into a well-known talented family that has made a lasting imprint in the world of Gospel music, the natural progression would be to follow in their footsteps. However, Deborah Joy Winans decided to live her life following the direction of her heart. Deborah Joy is best known for her role in Greenleaf and The Final Say. She joins us today to share a special story about the birth of her son, when Oprah called her, and her upcoming role in the allblk original series, Terror Lake Drive. Connect: @CariChampion @DeborahJoyWinans Learn More: Subscribe: Cari Champion’s YouTube ChannelSee for privacy information.

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In a world where being vulnerable is often considered weak, it would be refreshing to hear an authentic and honest story from some of our heroes. Cari Champion will ask some of the greatest in sports and entertainment to remove the veil and get Naked. Being Naked on this podcast means describing life-altering circumstances and events that helped shape who you plan to become. There is a difference between what the public sees and what is real. There is a difference between the champion you see on and off the court. Your favorite celebrity isn't always ready to perform at will. Naked with Cari Champion invites your hero to tell their whole story.