My Life As A Software Engineer

EP.13: Introduction to React Native

from My Life As A Software Engineer | Published 6/22/2020

In this episode, I am joined by Kayode Ayelegun a one-time Medical Student who is now a Software Engineer at Risevest.  He talks to me about all things React Native especially when it involves transitioning from React which is on the Web to a mobile platform focusing on React Native. We discuss some of the advantages/disadvantages of React Native relating to Native apps and also looked at how steep the learning curve of transitioning from React to React Native/Flutter would be. If you want to get started with React Native and want to hear things like what to expect especially when coming from the Frontend using technology like React, then you should listen to this episode. Enjoy!   Useful Links:   Programming with Mosh - Academind -  [Follow my podcast conversations on Twitter  @mylifeasaSE and Instagram @mylifeasasoftwareengineer ] [ Connect with Kayode on Twitter @stackless_dev ] --- Support this podcast:

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From wanting to study Medicine to studying Computer Science and having a career as a Software Engineer. Here I am, honestly just sharing my struggles, wins, and lessons about my everyday work life as a Software Engineer. Sometimes, I also get to talk to people that are making an impact as Software Engineers or in other Tech related fields and get them to share their stories or give their take on a particular topic. My life as a software engineer would contain stories and sometimes conversations with other people about different tech topics/lessons from now to whenever! Support this podcast: