S2/EP 12 DNA LIVE: Shaping the future of ¨Employee Experience¨ with Hussein M. Dajani and Rahim Gulamali

Shaping the future of ¨Employee Experience¨ CO-Creators: Hussein M. Dajani and Rahim Gulamali JOIN THE DNA COMMUNITY VIA HTTPS://WWW.DUCHAINASSOCIATES.COM FOR MORE MICROLEARNINGS Why should you listen? We all talk about digital transformation, AI, the big resignation, returning to work, etc., etc. All valid adventures we engage upon as organizations. But all of this is not possible without our people. The main ingredient to running successful businesses. Today in this live session Hussein and Rahim explore what it means to shape the future of Employee Experience. Co-Creation: This podcast is Co-Created with Hussein M Dajani, General Manager – Digital and CX Transformation, and Rahim Gulamali, Founder at DnA Executive Co-Creation Network. Both organizations share a purpose in developing organizations to find purpose and meaning in business. About Hussein M. Dajani Hussein has an impressive background having worked for brands like Leo Burnett, Virgin, Red Bull, and now Nissan. He is part of the Middle East advisory board at the CMO Council and is one of the 200 most powerful CX thought leaders to follow. Hussein is one of the most respected and multifaceted CX Leaders out there who has been able to deliver extraordinary results. We are blessed to have him join our Masterminds Podcast show. About Rahim Gulamali, Co-Founder at DnA Executive Network BCN, Executive Transformation Mentor, and Co-Founder Content2Click Rahim has over 20 years of executive experience, primarily supporting organizations in their transformational journeys. (Former) clients acknowledge him as someone who engages the whole organization and enables them to elevate the journey towards success with passion and a smile. He partners with peers to solve business challenges through the DnA Co-Creative Executive Network, Mentors Executive Teams and enables the network to build meaningful business relationships. How to connect with us? § Hussein M. Dajani: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hdajani/ § Rahim Gulamali: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gulamali/ § DnA Exec. Network website https://duchainassociates.com Share your story and join our network! We aim to inspire business leaders and executives and connect them with the right expertise when they need it. Do you want to share your story or your expertise? We are happy to explore topics with you. Book a suitable time with us via DnA Scheduler via https://meetings.hubspot.com/dna/gulamali or visit our Executive network page! https://duchainassociates.com

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