S2/EP 11 How to remove The Barriers to Co-Creation and Innovation! (Your Hosts: Fabiele Nunes (Startup Mundy) and Rahim Gulamali (DnA)

Why should you listen? There are many roads you as a startup entrepreneur as also a corporate can take towards Open Innovation and Co-Creation. Fabiele who is the CEO and Co-founder of Startup Mundi and the ¨Top 4 Woman Entrepreneur of the year for B2B Startups¨, shares her insights on this topic Best Practices and talking points • What is the difference between Co-Creation and Open Innovation? • What are the core challenges Startups and Corporates encounter? • What are the advantages for both organizations to seek co-creation? Co-Creation: This podcast is Co-Created with Fabiele Nunes, Co-Founder at Startup Mundi, and Rahim Gulamali, Founder at DnA Executive Co-Creation Network. Both organizations share a purpose in developing organizations and embracing innovation at the core of our businesses. About Fabiele Nunes Fabiele Nunes is the CEO and co-founder of Startup Mundi and TOP 4 Woman Entrepreneur of the year for B2B startups. Previously she was a corporate HR and Organizational Development executive, having lived and worked in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa About Startup Mundi Played as a board game, Startup Mundi is an experience that teaches, entertains, shapes behaviors and develops an innovative mindset. The game is used by leading organizations including Accenture, Samsung, and ArcelorMittal, as well as universities, incubators, and business accelerators across the world. Learn more about this startup and incubation game by CLICKING HERE About DnA Executive Community They say it´s lonely at the top. For many business leaders, this is the case. At DnA we bring great minds from many organizations together in a member-only platform. We stimulate peer-to-peer mentoring, solve business challenges and share insights that contribute to organizational growth. Some of our members were saved from bankruptcy, others were able to validate their business plans and increase margins, revenue, and business growth. We are a co-creative network where we do not sell services but are supportive of the success of the community. Interested in joining us, then apply to join via our website www.duchainassociates.com

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