Buddy Talks; How to find happiness in the journey instead of the goal.

It´s almost World Happiness Day. In this ¨Buddy Talks¨episode Tiago Nunez and Rahim Gulamali discuss their path to happiness, enjoying the journey and ikigai. What makes you happy?   Happiness is found in different things for everyone. Although we found that high level, there are many similarities. Do you feel happier when you: -      have a sense of belonging and support? With your family, friends, or a work ¨family¨? -      live a purposeful life? Whatever that purpose may be. -      share your passion? Or even make it your job. -      give back to the world in any way? -      regularly exercise and go outside? Whether it´s a heavy workout or a nice walk.   It´s likely you answered YES to at least a few of those. They are universal, and the way they make you happy evolves. Maybe that´s why true happiness comes to those that learn to enjoy the journey instead of only achieving the goal, who know you are not what you do and have a purpose that exceeds their career. What do you think?   These 3 questions can help you get to the essence of a non-career-related purpose: 1.     Can you tell us who you are without making it about what you do? 2.     What would you like your legacy to be? Not work related. 3.     Which things are essential for you outside of your career?   Feel free to comment on your answers. Is it your time to enjoy every day?   #ikigai #worldhappinessday #buddytalks #podcast #happy #growwithdna

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