Welcome to Mum Club

The first rule of Mum Club is: everyone is welcome. Messy mum bun encouraged and leave your judgement at the door... Join Emily Blatchford and Leah Goulis twice a week for advice, laughs, and moments that will make you say HARD RELATE. Follow Mum Club in your podcast app so you don't miss a thing.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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Welcome to Mum Club! Don't worry, we're not your regular mum's group. This is a judgement-free parenting zone where you can kick back, have a laugh, and get some valuable advice on everything from toilet training to fighting with your mother-in-law over baby names.  At Mum Club, no topic is off the table, no question is too silly and everyone is welcome. Hosts Emily Blatchford and Leah Goulis are here twice a week to help you out and keep you entertained during your night feeds/pram walks/school runs/meltdowns in the pantry - so join the club!