#AdviceNeeded: My family think my baby shower is selfish

Em and Leah are answering the age-old question: are baby showers and gender reveals self indulgent? They also talk about how to know when you've gone too far when monitoring your kids online, and whether it's okay to let your kids skip the athletics carnival. We'd love to hear from you, join the Mum Club:Write to us: [email protected] and Facebook: @kidspotTikTok: @kidspot.com.auRead More: www.kidspot.com.auFollow Em and Leah: @emblatchford_kidspot @leahgoulis_writer Keen to read the stories mentioned in this episode? You can learn more about how to limit chat on Roblox here, or more generally about cyber safety for children here. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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