Mindset Queen with Katie Attfield

03. How to let go of a painful past

from Mindset Queen with Katie Attfield | Published 2/24/2021

In this episode Katie concentrates on how let go of a painful past and stop carrying around feelings of hurt or anger from previous experiences.The technique is called “Effective Blaming” and is something she learnt from her course with world renowned author and mindset coach, Tony Robbins. Effective Blaming can be hugely therapeutic and help you take back the control in negative situations. 

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Welcome to Katie Attfield's Mindset Queen podcast where you'll get practical mindset tips, personal growth recommendations, empowerment, encouragement and hopefully the occasional laugh too. Katie is an entrepreneur is the social selling space after deciding to completely step away from her successful corporate career after her daughter was born. Previously she was the head of internal communications at a large corporate. She's a proud mum and wife and believes every woman is capable of greatness and that when you combine what you're passionate about with your purpose, incredible things can happen. She currently lives in the UK having previously lived in Hong Kong and Singapore. She loves to travel, dance, ride her peloton and laugh (a lot).