Manic Mommies The Teen Years

MM 22 – When Your Teen Gets a Fever – 585-789-1216

from Manic Mommies The Teen Years | Published 10/21/2020

Fevers take on a whole new meaning in the time of COVID. First, you lock your teen in their room. Then you pull out your mask, gloves, only can of Lysol, and precious Clorox wipes. Once the house has been sufficiently disinfected, you start the process...

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Former neighbors and longtime friends, Kristin Brandt and Erin Kane shared the trials and tribulations, joys, and triumphs of being working mothers trying to do it all, and do it all well (or just good enough) for almost 10 years. Now the parents of teenagers, they have relaunched their popular parenting podcast as they continue to manage the chaotic combination of work and family – at home.