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MANCS ON THE MIC IS BACK - The Thomas Bros. return for Season 2

from Mancs On The Mic | Published 4/11/2022

The Thomas brothers return for another season of their exclusive podcast. You're about to hear a slice of Thomas family life as the brothers invite their partners, family and friends to tell them what they really think. Lucy Mecklenburgh and Caroline Daly dish the dirt on how they got together, and what the Thomas's are like in real life - including failed attempts to get the first kiss - ohh that 'lift incident' with Ryan - CRINGE. And hear what the brothers were like growing up - as told by their mum! Hear what she has to say about Ryan, Thomas and Adam and what she really thinks about their estranged father - she's not pulling any punches! And in a heartfelt epsiode, the brothers remember their recently passed dad, the impact he made in their lives, and how they found a relationship with him after he was absent for so long. There's loads more - including interviews with Chris Fountain who talks about the infamous rap that got him fired from Cory, and Emmerdale's Danny Miller who tells all about his difficulties with mental health. Subscribe and listen now to Mancs On The Mic, on Global Player, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Welcome to our new podcast Mancs On The Mic, with us, The Thomas Brothers! In this podcast you’ll get to hear what we really think about the best and worst parts of our lives! This podcast felt like a no brainer for us as we are all so close as brothers and talk non stop everyday so thought it would be fun to let our fans and followers in. In typical Thomas style you can expect lots of brotherly banter as we don't always agree on everything! You’ll get to hear the most embarrassing and most moving things that have happened to us, as well as our thoughts on everything from mental health right through to our childhoods. Subscribe and listen now, on Global Player or wherever you get your podcasts