Munroe Bergdorf

As a model, a writer, and a broadcaster, Munroe Bergdorf has already achieved so much! But it’s herwork as an activist that she feels most passionately about. As a black trans woman, Munroe says her greatest achievement is continuing to live a happy life as her authentic self, and in the process, she’s proving to others that they can too.Munroe speaks about the impact that Section 28 had on her as young person, what and who has made her the activist she is today, and why she feels compelled to leave behind a better world than the one she inherited. Tom and Munroe also talk openly about their experiences growing up queer, and the moments they realised there was true happiness waiting for them on the other side of the shame being projected onto them.This is a powerful and poignant chat, but it’s also a very positive one! Munroe is ever hopeful, and more committed than ever to making real change for all trans people. She also speaks about getting her fun back, and why now feels like the right time for her book Transitional: In One Way or Another, We All Transition to be out in the world.Below are some links to charities, events and people which Munroe mentioned in this podcast:MermaidsGood Law ProjectLondon Trans+ PrideUK Black PrideChase Strangio on InstagramLady Phyll on Instagram Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Olympic champion diver turned knitting enthusiast, Tom Daley, is on a mission to explore the benefits of allowing the things we love to guide our lives! Each week, he speaks to a much loved celebrity about turning passion into purpose, how doing what they love has influenced the way they look at life, and crucially, all the lessons they’ve learned from the highs and lows along the way. You’ll hear from elite athletes who have taken the sport they love to the next level, activists who are driven by passion for a great cause, as well as musicians who have music running through their veins! Tom’s guests also share who has made them with love; the people, places and things that have enabled them to be their truest selves and pursue a life they love. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.