Lucy Loves MoJo

This week’s guest is the wonderful MoJo! She is a strong and credible advocate for mental health and is best known for her encouragement of women to love themselves authentically, she is also a TV personality, dancer and internet sensation. She is currently gracing our screens on ITV 2’s Peckham’s Finest. We have a brilliant chat about creating her online community throughout lockdown, making her grandma proud and learning to pole dance!   Here are the highlights: (04:34) Joining a pole dancing class (09:08) Getting through lockdown using social media (13:00) Where the name ‘MoJo’ came from (15:19) MoJo’s proudest moment (17:46) How MoJo became part of Peckham’s Finest (20:38) How becoming a life model helped with MoJo’s confidence (24:07) MoJo’s book recommendation (30:13) What makes MoJo’s heart smile   Contact MoJo: Instagram: @_queenmojo Twitter: @_queenmojo Management: MiLK Management   MoJo’s book recommendation: First Born by Sarah Aluko   Find out more about Lucy and listen to more episodes at  

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Lucy Loves is a podcast bringing a bit of light-hearted fun and humour, inspired by you for you. It is borne from Lucy’s love of listening and love of laughter. Each week our aim is to bring you a few laughs and some inspiring momentum to lift the spirits - and to find out what makes your heart smile. Lucy Gourlay is a happy, hard-working, busy single mum to two fabulous children. Lucy lives in rural Northumberland and loves baking. She also loves the idea of running! Lucy is a Time to Think coach giving unconditional space to people who don’t feel listened to. Each week Lucy chats to a different guest so they can bring their laughter and humour and we can learn about what or who inspires them to keep the feel-good moments alive. Life has its fair share of challenges and we can be affected in so many ways. But it is remembering to find or look for the humour, the heartwarming, or even the laugh out loud moments - and that’s what we aim to do each week, is to find the laughter in amongst the challenges. We really hope you enjoy this podcast and would love you to subscribe so you can keep updated with new episodes. And if you really enjoy it, it would mean a great deal if you can leave a review.