In which Liz loses her crowning glory

Nic is having a bad week, she's lost her voice and her boyfriend forgot to book a table for Valentines' Day, but Liz is pretty sure her's has been worse. The pair have been watching This is Going to Hurt, and want to know why the feminists aren't as outraged about animals mums as they seem to be about fictional human ones. Plus, Liz has realised why she was single in her prime, turns out dressing like Adam Ant isn't the best way to get a boyfriend, even in the '80s.  See for privacy information.

Om Podcasten

For 20 years she’s been Britain’s most unfiltered columnist. Now Liz Jones has an equally outrageous podcast as she and her best friend Nic dissect her weekly diary and delve into the archives to relive the bust-ups, betrayals…and bullets