In which Liz is told she needs another facelift

Liz is worried about the fact that sales assistants on cosmetic counters are now saying, ‘Do you want to apply some NOW?’ when she walks up - and is finding looking in the mirror more stressful than her MRI scan. Lots of readers have written in after Gracie the dog collapsed last week - and Nic’s dog Boris (not named after the PM) is in the doghouse again. Meanwhile, Liz is talking about women who inspired her, like Mary Berry and wondering why everything she cooks turns into a biscuit -  even rice pudding.  See for privacy information.

Om Podcasten

For 20 years she’s been Britain’s most unfiltered columnist. Now Liz Jones has an equally outrageous podcast as she and her best friend Nic dissect her weekly diary and delve into the archives to relive the bust-ups, betrayals…and bullets