In which Liz cancels the pre-date Botox

Liz and Nic are talking about THAT pair of pieces this week (the one where Liz wrote about faking orgasms, then her ex-husband joined in). Liz didn’t read her husband’s bit, as she's practicing self-care, but spent days asking Nic, ‘What did he say?’ instead. Meanwhile, Liz is contemplating unblocking her ex just to talk about Paul McCartney - and listeners have been writing in to talk about their worst-ever dates (but can they compete with Liz’s one where the guy went to the bar and never came back?) See for privacy information.

Om Podcasten

For 20 years she’s been Britain’s most unfiltered columnist. Now Liz Jones has an equally outrageous podcast as she and her best friend Nic dissect her weekly diary and delve into the archives to relive the bust-ups, betrayals…and bullets