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Sleep and Vegetative States with Professor Owen OBE Neuroscientist

from LIT Radio | Published 2/19/2021

In a special episode focussing solely on the interview between our hosts, Georgia and Sienna, and Professor Adrien Owen OBE we discuss sleep, brain scanning, people in vegetative states and what ties them all together (if anything). In a discussion recommended for any medical student, scientist, neuroscience enthusiast or student interested in their sleep pattern, Professor Owen provides insight into some of our burning questions about sleep and dreams. He also tells the story of his groundbreaking discovery into the awareness of people in vegetative states and how this has impacted medical practice today. Have you ever wondered if the people believed to be unaware and without brain functionality may be able to communicate with the outside world? If so, then this is the perfect lockdown podcast to highlight the importance of persevering your ideas even amidst an atmosphere of doubt. Professor Owen not only talks to us about these investigations but also how and why too little and too much sleep affects our brain functions, busting some popular myths whilst he is at it!It was a great pleasure to be able to interview such a pioneer for neuroscience and we wish to be able to share such an engaging and informative conversation with you!

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LIT Radio is in response to the national lockdown. Pupils at The Leys School decided to set up a platform where they could share ideas, have guest speakers and talk about important issues. This podcast should both educate and entertain you as you make your way through your lockdown learning.