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Gen Z

from LIT Radio | Published 11/19/2020

Episode 2 is hosted by Georgia and Sienna centered around Gen Z’s problems, politics and opinions. Our guest interview this week is Daniel Zeichner, our very own Labour MP for Cambridge, who describes his own motivations to joining politics, his stance on social media and his message to our generation. Aidan, our very own culture prefect, discusses with us his fascinating EPQ on film and men’s mental health and how he found his passion for film and the arts.Our lively discussion with Jake and Michiel, fellow pupils, opens up alternative views upon various philosophical and theological issues, intertwined with social media and the numerous challenges it presents. Granta and West’s link nurse, Georgie, speaks on healthy eating , whilst prefect Joey enlightens us on the judicial system through her informative [email protected] Talk.Mr Hancock performs a dramatic reading for us from his favourite novel, J.L. Carr’s: A Month in the Country, a thought provoking and sentimental piece. Freddie and Liv perform a beautiful duet to end our episode.

Om Podcasten

LIT Radio is in response to the national lockdown. Pupils at The Leys School decided to set up a platform where they could share ideas, have guest speakers and talk about important issues. This podcast should both educate and entertain you as you make your way through your lockdown learning.