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Friday 13th

from LIT Radio | Published 11/12/2020

On the theme of Friday 13th, we have invited speakers to discuss the tough topics of mortality in the context of war, politics and culture. Our guest speaker, Captain Rod Boswell, gives us great insight into the Skirmish at Top Malo House in the Falklands war. He describes the  decisions that had to be made as well as his strategical thinking that was pivotal in the success of the mission. Our Lead Nurse takes us into the second section with some words of wisdom to help you keep safe. She and her team will be speaking on a range of topics in the episodes to come. Rory discusses the changes in this year from a Prefect perspective and a team of LVI pupils have a lively debate with a broad range of views on the current state of affairs.We have a poetry reading by the English department, 'Snowdrops' by Louise Gluck with a sensitive analysis in the light of the winter to come. Listen out for our very own singer-song writer who shares a song which she wrote during lockdown. Her powerfully moving vocals will transport you to another place, it is absolutely stunning. 

Om Podcasten

LIT Radio is in response to the national lockdown. Pupils at The Leys School decided to set up a platform where they could share ideas, have guest speakers and talk about important issues. This podcast should both educate and entertain you as you make your way through your lockdown learning.