Sweatin' Bullets

Happpy Tuesday! I'm recapping Heather McMahan's show from this weekend. If you aren't on the HM bandwagon- jump on now. She's flippin' hysterical. Follow Heather on IG Trust me, her content is pure gold. The Amazon lipsticks I've been wearing (and loving) are these!! Under $6.. yes please!! "Doll" is the pink I wore yesterday and today. Shop My Amazon finds HERE BUILT BARS!! Use Lisa to save some bucks!!! Today's episode is brought to you by one of my favorite cleaning lines, Grove Co!!!! Go Grove.com/Lisa & get a free gift set worth up to $50 bucks with your first order. You'll also get free shipping which is fast and FREE!!!! #BOOM Call my hotline anytime!! 972-890-9467 For everything else***** LisaPaigeMadeMeDoIt Thanks for listening!! Talk to ya Friday!! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

Om Podcasten

Looking to find the perfect tanning product? Need a sinful dessert that won't make you hate yourself? Want to find the one mascara that works twice as well for half the cost? Dying to know if that new curling wand everyone is talking about is really worth it? Need workout gear that will have you looking cute at the gym and the new music to be blasting through your AirPods while you're there? How about a fix of healthy snacks that don't taste like cardboard? Most importantly, when that credit card bill comes in, do you need someone to blame? No problem. Just say #LisaPaigeMadeMeDoIt. National radio personality Lisa Paige has all the everyday life hacks to make your daily existence easier, prettier, and more delicious. Get her fashion, beauty, food, music, home decor, and healthy lifestyle tips every week right here.