Limitless by Katy Hill

4: Your Limitless Crew

from Limitless by Katy Hill | Published 7/29/2020

Who are your support network in 2020? Who are the ones who have your back? And, crucially, who are the crew who will help you become the person you want to be?Lockdown has brought many things into focus - one of them is what I think of as your Limitless Crew for LIFE!  Taking time to work out who you want around you is what this episode is all about and I have 5 steps to help find your Limitless Crew.

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I've always been passionate about personal development and now, as a trained Coach, I want to help you to step into your LIMITLESS life - the life you were born to live!  I'm so excited to bring the Limitless by Katy Hill Podcast into the world. It's a mix of my learnings in life and as a Coach plus inspiring interviews with amazing people.  Tools and takeaways and habits for your best life!  I was the shy girl at school who faced the fear to land my dream job on TV and encourage a generation to play all-out by jumping out of planes and flying fast jets. Following two successful decades on TV and Radio - I've been working as a Personal Development Coach since qualifying in 2017. My company - Limitless by Katy Hill - offers 1:1 Coaching, Workshops and Keynote Speaking and I'm so excited to bring the Limitless by Katy Hill PODCAST into the world!